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At Peak Roofing Solutions, we offer more than just roof services.

We are also expert siding installation contractors. Our HardiePlank® siding and vinyl options are designed to make your home the envy of its neighbors! It’s time for a change- let us help give your home new life with quality siding materials that will last years.

Let us help give your home a fresh look by installing new siding. The siding of your home not only protects it from the elements but provides a comfortable interior for your family. And with a variety of materials such as vinyl or fiber cement, there's sure to be one that matches your style. Your siding may have suffered storm damage - Peak Roofing contractors will repair the siding and make your home's appearance like new again.

Choose from Various siding options

Vinyl- Vinyl siding is the kind of material that can last for years without showing any wear or tear. It's resistant to weathering and doesn't require much maintenance time and effort on your part. Plus, vinyl won't rot or warp--regular cleaning will keep it looking good year-round. There are various vinyl siding options for homeowners, and it's easy to match your house color. You can choose styles like lap or shake (wood) with scallop edges that will give you the desired look.

Wood- Wood siding is still a popular choice for many homeowners today. It has a natural and beautiful appearance that people find appealing. Still, it can also be vulnerable to insects such as carpenter bees, termites, or ants, which cause damage if you are not properly cared for over time!

Fiber Cement- Fiber cement siding offers many advantages over wood. Fiber cement does not rot or get destroyed by insects, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want their house to look more natural. The price is also surprisingly less expensive when compared with other options like wood-based products.

James Hardie siding, known as Hardie Plank, has a variety of styles to suit every home style. Whether you're looking for something classic or contemporary, beautiful colors that will last longer than most paints do- James Hardie siding is a great option!

Need your siding repaired?

You don't have to worry about having your siding repaired! Your home is in good hands with our siding repair services. We've worked with owners and insurance companies if your siding has suffered storm damage, so you know we're the ones who can get it done right when things go wrong. Peak Roofing Solutions is a local company that serves Marietta, Lawrenceville and Tucker, Georgia.

Don’t forget about your gutters!

When it comes to protecting your home's foundation, having great gutters can be one of the most important things. Gutters need regular maintenance and to be replaced from time to time so they will not cause problems like clogs or leaks. A functioning gutter system allows water runoff away by directing excess rainfall onto trees outside rather than accumulating at base levels.

The professionals at Peak Roofing Solutions want to be your gutter experts! Let us take care of your home from gutter repair, new gutter installation, and Seamless gutter installation! We service the local Metro-Atlanta areas of Lawrenceville, Marietta, and Tucker, GA.

You'll want to call our team of experienced siding and gutter contractors when you need repairs or replacement for your home. Call us today at 770-286-1954 for a FREE estimate to get your project started.

Get ready for your roofing project

Peak Roofing Solutions takes great pride in making sure your job site is clean when we leave. However, it is a good idea to keep your neighbors and family members informed about your roofing project as it can be pretty noisy. You will also want to remove pictures from your walls to prevent them from falling.

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